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Tracking Vehicle Safety and Performance
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Early Warning Reporting Scores by Incident Dates.

The early detection of potential vehicle safety issues benefits everyone through the opportunity to reduce deaths, injures, and financial losses

Since the Ford Explorer/Firestone tire safety scandal in 2000, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has required manufacturers to submit information about claims of deaths and serious injuries to their Early Warning Reporting (EWR) system in order to avoid repeating similar vehicle defect surveillance failures.

Yet a follow-up audit by the Dept. of Transportation's Inspector General more than two years after this system was in place revealed that the system developed by NHTSA to analyze these data did not have "the advanced analytical capabilities originally envisioned to help point analysts to potential safety defects." Indeed, the EWR system failed to avert a major safety scandal in 2010 regarding recalls related to unintended acceleration in some Toyota models.

Because NHTSA's analytical approach to potential safety defect surveillance data remained substantially unchanged following the 2010 Toyota scandal, there was every reason to expect another, major, public health and safety tragedy, such as the GM ignition switch scandal that occurred in 2014.

The Watch List Solution

We've stepped in to fill this gap. Our peer-reviewed methodology, "Improving surveillance for injuries associated with potential motor vehicle safety defects" was published in 2004 in the scientific, peer-reviewed journal, Injury Prevention.

Our very first, published analysis of the EWR data in the fall of 2008, showed that injuries allegedly related to vehicle speed control failures in two Toyota manufactured vehicles held first and fourth place in our ranking system of unusual patterns of claims.

Unfortunately, neither NHTSA nor Toyota took timely action. This failure resulted in fines, Congressional investigations, recalls, amended recalls, a sales suspension, and, eventually, an admission to a count of wire fraud by Toyota Motor Corporation. In their admission, Toyota acknowledged that it had misled U.S. consumers by concealing its knowledge of and making deceptive statements about two safety related issues affecting its vehicles, each of which caused a type of unintended acceleration. (Click here to download Toyota's Deferred Prosecution Agreement, the one-count Criminal Information, and the stipulated Statement of Facts.)

We performed a subsequent analysis of consumer complaint data on March 1, 2009, again based on our published methodology, which revealed an unusual pattern of steering-related complaints in the 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt (in seventh place on our list) and the 2006 Pontiac G6 (in eighth place). Nearly five years later in the midst of another notorious public safety scandal, General Motors recalled components in these vehicles that may well be related to these consumer complaints and their prominence on our surveillance list.

We gratefully acknowledge the past support of our vehicle safety surveillance program through a grant from Ken and Beth Melton in memory of their daughter, Ms. Brooke Melton. The Melton family's funding of the Vehicle Safety Watch List published by The Safety Institute of Rehoboth, has enabled important improvements in the timely identification of potential safety problems in the U.S. passenger vehicle fleet on a scientific basis.

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