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Claimed SSN: 590-98-xxxx
Claimed issued or in use by 1988

Claimed SSN: 106-24-xxxx
Claimed year of birth: 1951

Claimed SSN: 927-42-xxxx

Claimed SSN: 005-94-xxxx
Claimed issued or in use by 1987

Claimed SSN: 041-46-xxxx
Claimed year of birth: 1970

Claimed SSN: 445-52-xxxx
Claimed year of birth: 1968

Claimed SSN: 728-16-xxxx
Claimed issued or in use by 2010

Claimed SSN: 328-03-xxxx
Claimed year of birth: 1959

Claimed SSN: 638-07-xxxx
Claimed issued or in use by 1985

Claimed SSN: 666-13-xxxx
* INVALID: SecureID shows that
666-13-xxxx SSNs have never
been issued.

The SecureID™ Solution for Customer Identification Programs

Efficient confirmation of a customer's identity can be enhanced if front-end retail and back-end IT work together when a new account is created. Our cost-effective, Social Security Number validation database, SecureID™, operates internally and without privacy entanglements to

• Increase net margins across many facets of the enterprise;

• Promote effective data management;

• Reduce losses due to identity theft; and

• Demonstrate a visible commitment to consumer protection.

Validation is the practice of red-flagging SSNs that: 1) have never been issued by the Social Security Administration, or 2) were issued only before the claimed date of birth, or 3) were issued only after a claimant has used the number. Our demographic projections show that SSN validation will remain a remarkably effective method to detect mistaken and fictitious SSNs for the foreseeable future. When birth dates and usage histories are utilized in SSN validation of the first five digits of the SSN, very high levels of detection will continue through 2026, despite the change to randomized assignment of SSNs in 2011.

Compared to biometric based identity checks, there is little that is technologically challenging or expensive about this method. And it can be implemented now. Individual privacy is completely protected because only validation rules - not personal information about living individuals - need be deployed to detect invalid SSNs.

Validating SSNs can also reduce the cost of compliance with IRS regulations requiring matching of taxpayer IDs to claimed identities, without deploying enormous databases entangled in privacy issues. Our validation database is compact, unencrypted, and written in a non-proprietary format. Our customers have typically been able to deploy the database in ready-for-use applications within two weeks of receiving it.

Delaying independent confirmation of new customers' identities until after they've left the new account window creates gross inefficiencies in the retail channel and greatly increases organizational risk. Our enterprise system tool for SSN validation helps to make customer identification as streamlined a process as it can possibly be.

Test the list at left against your existing Customer Identification Program and if any escape detection, contact Randy Whitfield, 410.923.2411.

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