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In Retrospect

On the banks of Plum Creek

Our predecessor business began as Quality Control Software in 1982. That version of QCS lived near a corner window of Harvard University's now-vanished, mainframe computer terminal users' room on Cambridge Street. The space was occupied by three men with programming side-gigs and one, wonderful baby. The baby had a magical ability to make new friends and attracted enough walk-up customers to support three, small business ventures. QCS was one of those.

Code development for QCS moved on to Washington, DC, then to Taipei, and back to Washington. Quality Control Systems was incorporated in Virginia when publication rights for the software were sold in 1987. We crossed the Potomac River to an estuary of the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland in 1992 and worked from our home base on Plum Creek for nearly thirty years. Over that time, our network of customers and clients stretched from Alaska to Florida and from California to Ontario.

Throughout our history as a corporation, Quality Control Systems functioned with no more than a half dozen, steadfast shareholders, several, highly skilled contractors, two employees, and one, beloved intern.

Keeping the store open for so long with such a small crew depended on loyal clients and customers, as well as obliging family members, a wise attorney, and kind friends who recommended our work. We benefitted from their considerable support and generosity every step of the way. We thank all who helped us and all who kept us busy.

There was never a dull day.

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