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About Quality Control Systems Corp.

Quality Control Systems Corp.

Our Philosophy:

Quality control is the practice to develop, adjust, and maintain standards for products and services. It requires a commitment to look for trouble. When necessary, it compels change and improvement.

The essential purposes of quality control are to mitigate risk and protect against harm. These goals advance internal, business interests as well as safeguard the interests of customers and clients.

Our Methods:

To accomplish our goals, we rely on the scientific method and on a desire to support risk mitigation techniques with proven effectiveness.

Our expertise in statistical sampling, statistical modeling, and data mining is demonstrated by our published research.

We have shared authorship of papers appearing in scientific journals such as the The American Journal of Public Health, Injury Prevention, and The New England Journal of Medicine. We have also contributed to research cited in such publications as The Washington Post, Scientific American, and The New York Times.

Our History:

We have provided statistical research, applications, and databases (including SecureID™) to our customers and clients for the past thirty years. Over that time, our very diverse practice has been involved in the fields of insurance, risk management, public health, law, engineering, and government. Some of our most notable projects have involved:

• identity theft,
• financial fraud,
• motor vehicle safety,
• tire safety,
• processing medical claims, and
• consumer products performance tracking for insurance subrogation.

We have long-established proficiency with widely used datasets maintained by the federal government, such as:

• Death Master File (DMF), Social Security Administration
• Fatality Analysis System (FARS), Nat'l Highway Traffic Safety Administration
• Early Warning Reporting Data (EWR), NHTSA
• Consumer Safety Complaint Data, NHTSA
• National Automotive Sampling System (NASS) - Crashworthiness Data System (CDS), NASS/CDS, NHTSA
• National Automotive Sampling System (NASS) - General Estimates System (GES), NASS/GES, NHTSA
• National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS) - U.S. Fire Administration

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