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Using Information Technology to Mitigate Risk

Quality Control Systems

Quality Control Systems Corp. provides forensic statistical services and products to businesses and organizations in the fields of:

• Risk mitigation and insurance;

• Consumer product safety;

• Public health and law;

• Government and engineering.

We specialize in computer-intensive research with large databases. Over the past thirty years, we have collaborated in numerous projects described in peer-reviewed, scientific journals and in invited presentations to national, scientific organizations.

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NHTSA's Extraordinary Safety Claims for a Tesla Driver Assistance System

Risk mitigation.


Quality Control Systems Corp. is a leader in the scientific analysis of early warning field data to identify potentially unsafe or unreliable consumer products. And we are very proud of our contributions to the study of post-marketing product safety and reliability.

We gratefully acknowledge the past support of our vehicle safety surveillance program through a grant from Ken and Beth Melton in memory of their daughter, Ms. Brooke Melton. The Melton family's funding of the Vehicle Safety Watch List published by The Safety Institute of Rehoboth, has enabled important improvements in the timely identification of potential safety problems in the U.S. passenger vehicle fleet on a scientific basis.

The early detection of consumer safety issues benefits everyone through the opportunity to reduce deaths, injures, and financial losses.

Counting Tire-related Crash Fatalities, 1992 through 2017

The NHTSA/GM Ignition Switch Scandal

Vehicle Safety Tracking Watch Lists

Ford Explorers in Fatal, Tire-related Crashes


Business Security and Fraud Detection:

Efficient confirmation of a customer's identity can be enhanced if front-end retail and back-end IT operations work together when a new account is created. Our cost-effective, Social Security Number validation database, SecureID™, operates internally and without privacy entanglements to:

• Increase net margins across many facets of the enterprise;

• Promote effective data management;

• Reduce losses due to identity theft; and

• Demonstrate a visible commitment to consumer protection.

Customer Identification
with SecureID™

The American Financial
System's Identity Problem

Simulation Studies of Social Security Number Validation

The Death Master File

Risk Management
At Risk

What is quality control?

What is Quality Control?

Quality control is the practice to develop, adjust, and maintain standards for products and services. It requires a commitment to look for trouble. When necessary, it compels change and improvement.

The essential purposes of quality control are to mitigate risk and protect against harm. These goals advance internal, business interests as well as safeguard the interests of customers and clients.

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Unintended Lessons in Quality Control: Toyota Motor Corp.

Early Warning of Consumer Product Safety and Reliability Problems

Consumer Product Safety and Reliability Collections

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